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About Escher

Stories about Escher

Get to know Maurits Cornelis Escher. Articles by our curator and other authors provide deeper insight into his life and work.

The extraordinary in the ordinary

The Escher, close up exhibition is closed. The past few months 50,500 visitors have enjoyed this new perspective on Eschers life and work. Over the past few days we have been working into the night to dismantle the exhibition and restore normal order. Back to the permanent set-up, back to…
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From frame to cutout

Escher’s work is known for such things as his optical illusions and his playing with perspective. He had an aptitude for rendering day-to-day subjects unfamiliar by means of the viewpoint he took or the cutout he made. The ideal nourishment for this was photography, which Escher took up when he…
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From photo to fantasy

During the 1920s and 1930s, Maurits Cornelis Escher often went on long trips through Italy to soak up some inspiration for his work. The exhibition Escher, close up shows that Escher’s preliminary studies comprised not only sketches but also photos. Together with artists he had befriended, Escher enjoyed visiting unspoilt…
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Escher, close up: a fresh look at the famous artist and his work

On 3 February our new exhibition opened: Escher, close up. Escher was a keen photographer and for the first time his photo archive is on show. It gives us a new perspective on the artist and his work. How did this exhibition come about? Fifteen months ago I joined Escher in…
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Escher’s cabinet of curiosities, part 2

During the 17th century it became fashionable among the elite to create ‘cabinets of curiosities’. Escher had such a room too, albeit a small 20th-century one. It doesn’t exist anymore, but fortunately we still have the photos. In last month’s article I wrote about Escher’s cabinet of curiosities. A picture…
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More about Escher


A selection of his most important works, from early Italian landscapes to his latest woodcut Snakes

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The life of Escher, year by year.

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Escher on film

During the years several interesting documentaries and short films have been made about Maurits Escher. On this page we show a selection of them.

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