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Lange Voorhout 74
2514 EH Den Haag
T: 070-4277730
E: info@escherinhetpaleis.nl
Het Paleis

Museum shop

The museum shop of Escher in Het Paleis is located on the ground floor in one of the beautiful rooms of the Palace. Besides exclusive gifts, you can buy a great many Escher mementos in the museum shop such as books, mugs, T-shirts, cards, jigsaw puzzles, jewellery and posters
The shop is managed and staffed by volunteers, all the proceeds are used for Art and Culture projects in The Hague and the Escher collection of the Museum.

Opening hours and Contact

The shop is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 11:00 till 17:00
If you need more information please contact the shop escherpaleiswinkel@gmail.com or call us  0031 (0)70 345 5850
Would you like to visit the museum shop without a visit to the museum? Just ask at the box-office for entrance to the museum shop.


The museum shop in “Het Paleis Lange Voorhout”, dates from before the opening of “Escher in Het Paleis”. In 1995 a group of friends from the Gemeentemuseum started to help out with the running of the shop in “Het Paleis” museum. From a group of ten volunteers we have grown to a group of around fifty ladies and gentlemen who run the shop. The foundation “Vrienden van Escher en Het Paleis” was founded in 1996. The proceeds of the shop go to Cultural projects in The Hague, Escher in Het Paleis and the Gemeentemuseum.

With donations we have acquired the blue Day and Night by M.C Escher and Two Reds with Violet by Bridget Riley, from 2008.