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Lange Voorhout 74
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T: +31 70-4277730
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Royal Encounters

8 September to 6 November 2022

Escher in The Palace is set to host a royal encounter this autumn. The work of 10 artists based in The Hague will be on display as part of the Royal Encounters exhibition, a dialogue between tradition and experimentation, between past and present. Escher in The Palace invited the artists to produce new graphic work, drawing inspiration from Lange Voorhout Palace and its principal resident, Queen Emma, the Queen Mother. The artists were challenged to step outside their comfort zone for this exhibition, as they are ordinarily engaged in a wide array of different disciplines, from major architectural installations to photography. Their innovative approach is yielding a colourful palette of artworks. A kaleidoscopic perspective on history which shows that graphic art is more than two-dimensional work on paper. From an imprinted robe to a silk screen window to a golden etching: the possibilities of the graphic medium are endless.

Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, J.W. I presume?, silk screen, wood, metal and gold leaf, 2022
Koos Breen, a stain in search of a frame in search of a stain, silk screen frame, 2022

Royal Encounters, which is being held on the occasion of the Graphic Art Triennial 2022, provides a contemporary take on Escher in The Palace’s two fundamental pillars, combining Escher’s penchant for the graphic medium with the museum’s iconic setting. A palace that continues to inspire people to this day due to its baroque regal rooms and stories about Queen Emma.

Whilst producing their new work, the chosen artists were closely supervised by the Grafische Werkplaats in The Hague, where they got acquainted with various graphic techniques. A small presentation of test prints and preliminary sketches for the work on display at Escher in The Palace is running in parallel at the Grafische Werkplaats.


Ai Hashimoto
Arike Gill
Hanna de Haan
Koos Breen
Lotte van Lieshout
Marleen Sleeuwits
Nynke Koster
Thijs Ebbe Fokkens
Yaïr Callender
Zeger Reyers

Hanna de Haan, Sometimes time stands still inside, wood block, 2022
Marleen Sleeuwits, Going Round and Round no. 2, silk screen with photographic print, 2022