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Museumnight The Hague

Of course, Escher in The Palace will again participate in Museumnight The Hague. We have put together a great programme that allows you to be amazed, but also to get actively involved. Discover all the highlights here. This evening you can also enjoy our temporary exhibition Royal Encounters and, as always, the prints of M.C. Escher! Will we see you there?

Saturday 8 October, 20.00 – 01.00

Impossible Escher?

M.C. Escher is known for his impossible buildings and ingenious tessellations, but how did he create them? He himself can no longer show it, but illustrator Stephan Timmers can! During Museumnight, he will be drawing live, using the impossible shapes and diagrams Escher used as a basis. Watch and see the magic unfold before your eyes.

Escher in private

Museumnight is busy, sometimes very busy. Fun and exciting, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look at art in peace and quiet during an evening like this? As if time stands still? That is possible! Come and enjoy a work of art by M.C. Escher in a private room where you, alone (or as a couple), can take your time. An experience you will not forget.

Searching for Escher

Are you a good observer? Does nothing stay hidden from you? Do you think you know M.C. Escher? Then join our Museumnight scavenger hunt, filled with Escher details. Old-fashionedly digital. Scan the code and get cracking. Alone, in pairs or with your whole group. Or battle against each other in teams! Who will score the most points?

Create your own optical illu-selfie

Escher was a master in the use of optical illusions. In various works, he combines this with his own self-portrait. Difficult? Sure, but in our workshop we make it a little easier, giving you the chance to follow in Escher’s footsteps. By tracing the shadow of your profile on paper, you will get a striking self-portrait. Using contrasting lines, you will then turn your profile into a spectacular optical illu-selfie!

Walking DJ

Dance? Swing? Groove? Chill? Flex? Jump? Vogue? Pose? Everything is possible with our walking DJ who moves freely through the museum and brings visitors in all states.

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